Indulge yourself with Sabbath time

By Libi Clifford

For years, I felt guilty if I sat and did nothing.

I was supposed to be working, cleaning or any number of other useful tasks. The thought of taking time to “just be” never crossed my mind until one of the discussions at an Education for Ministry seminar. The subject was Sabbath time.

The Hebrew people were told in Exodus and again in Deuteronomy to observe the Sabbath as a day of rest. It was a day to rejuvenate for the coming week and to give thanks for the presence of God in their lives and for his many gifts to them. We continue to celebrate the Sabbath each week but maybe it is time to include Sabbath time in our lives more frequently.

Sabbath time is a time to let go of the outside world and to become receptive to God’s presence. It can take whatever form you want. A simple few quiet minutes as a prelude to daily prayer suits some people, while others find a longer, more formal routine at a separate time more rejuvenating. It is simply a conscious effort to spend a time at rest listening for God. If you need help to maintain focus you could use a small labyrinth, Anglican prayer beads, a favourite small object, a photo or find a special place.

Indulge yourself, “just be”, and see what happens.

Libi Clifford is a member of the AFP (Huron) Executive.