I had a good Friday

24-laurel-pattenden-webBy Laurel Pattenden

I had a good Friday a few weeks ago.

Now, don’t go running to the calendar, because you have not missed the Good Friday. I had a good day and it happened to be a Friday.

While listening to the news and events of the world I usually exhaust myself by solving them all inside my head. How about you? Do you solve all the world’s problems inside your head? Have an opinion for anything and everything? It’s exhausting isn’t it? I can run out of steam and I haven’t even let any of these ideas out of my head.

My behaviour for running out of steam is to assume my retreat pose. Reluctant to admit it but my go to method of retreat is the nearest blanket and nap. Flannel pajamas if extreme measures are needed. Only flannel will work in the retreat pose.

The world has become so political that it has actually filtered all the way down to where we buy our coffee and even to the type of antiperspirant we use. We can now make a statement about the state of the world by our chosen antiperspirant. Seriously?! Now I don’t know about you but if a person really wants to be noticed and to make a statement why don’t they just forgo deodorant all together. They will get noticed in the crowd.

Anyways, moving on about my good day. I was out of steam and e-mailed the editor of HCN that perhaps I would pass on April’s article.

He may be a dragon to you but his reply was delightful and encouraging to me. Permission granted for a “bye” in April.

I felt a little like Alice Cooper’s song “Schools Out for Summer”. So feeling relieved, instead of assuming my usual retreat posture, I went to my art space and began painting.

The art studio has many windows and looks out onto trees and our bird feeders. I have secretly named this space the “Hazelnut Hermitage” but keep that under your hat.

Looking out I noticed that the sun had come out shining which is always a delight to see in winter. Before you know it I am singing that old Beatles tune by George Harrison “Here Comes the Sun”. Do you remember the words to this? It goes something like this.

Here comes the sun
da da da da (or your equivalent to mine here)
Here comes the sun
And it’s all right

And being who I am and can’t leave anything alone I made a slight change to the spelling in my head.

Here comes the Son
da da da da
Here comes the Son
And it’s all right.

And it will be all right! Poet Robert Browning agrees with his words “God’s in His heaven — All’s right with the world” (poem Pippa’s Song). No matter what time we live in, Robert Browning’s or ours. No matter what coffee we drink or deodorant we wear. It will be all right. No matter how out of steam we feel, we have been given God’s Son and it’s all right. God’s Son could not be contained in the tomb. And it’s all right. May you have a blessed and peaceful Easter.

Laurel Pattenden fills the pew at All Saints’, Corunna.

(Featured photo: Josh Felise, Unsplash)