Huron University College laments loss Rev. Canon Bill Cliff, but shares his excitement

Huron University College greeted the election of Rev. Canon Bill Cliff to bishop of the Diocese of Brandon with mixed feelings.

Although the college community shared in his excitement on this new journey, they also expressed sadness at the thought of how much he will be missed.

Bill has served as rector of the Collegiate Chapel of St. John the Evangelist at Huron college since September 2002, and enjoyed being the parish priest for college and the Anglican community at Western University.

He is a pastor, musician and liturgist who has been working in the Diocese of Huron with young people for his whole ministry.

“Fr. Bill has long been a cherished member of the Huron community, as a student, an alumnus, and as a member of staff. We are immensely grateful for his years of service and the passion he genuinely feels for our students, the wider community, the college and the diocese,” said Rev. Dr. Stephen McClatchie, principal of the college.

“While it will certainly be very difficult to say goodbye to  Fr. Bill, we are very happy for him on his election as bishop of Brandon and wish him well as he pursues this calling from God and begins a new chapter in his life.”