Huron Synod wraps up its 178th session with the New and Old Forms of Ministry presentation

Revisiting Huron’s past: Rev. Canon Nick Wells as Bishop Cronyn

The 178th Synod of the Diocese of Huron reconvened Tuesday morning at the London Convention Centre by diving into Bible study with the Bridge Builders’ Rev. Rosalyn Elm and Rev. Hana Scorrar.

The Synod heard an impassioned speech from final faith witness, Garry Dodman, as well as Anglican Church Women and Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen reports.

Anglican Foundation of Canada: helping local Anglican communities for over six decades

With much attention the delegates followed the Anglican Foundation of Canada report given by the AFC executive director Rev. Canon Judy Rois.

Synod delegates heard from the Bridge Builders, the College of Deacons, Congregational Coaches, Refugee Committee, Monica Place and Stewardship Committee – all reflecting upon the work they have been doing in the past year and their hopes and plans for the future.

The College of Deacons reported on the results of this year’s Synod challenge – donations in the form of diapers. Total of 24300 diapers were collected and distributed to different agencies in Huron.

“The Mountain of Diapers” collected by the College of Deacons

As in previous years the youth of the Diocese continued to challenge Huron deaneries and ask for financial support in the form of a game. On Tuesday they presented their cup to this year’s winners: the Saugeens Deanery and Huron Church House.

178th Huron Synod wrapped up early afternoon with the Old & New Forms of Ministry presentation. It featured on the same stage Rev. Canon Nick Wells as Bishop Cronyn and today’s missionaries – Bishop of Amazonia Rt. Rev. Marinez Bassotto and Huron’s “street ministry” champion Rev. Steve Martin.



Huron youth at 178th Synod