Huron Synod wraps up its 177th session

By Brittany Cartwright

Refreshed after an evening of good food, fellowship, and youth-driven competition, 177th Synod of the Diocese of Huron reconvened once again Tuesday morning at the London Convention Centre.

After being called to order and warming up our vocal chords with song, Synod dived into Bible study with Bishop Terry Dance who provided insight into the history of Israel and why it is so important in understanding the story of Christ.

The Synod of Huron then heard an impassioned speech from our final “faith witness,” Scott Saunders, about his experience of living as a disciple, using the values of Christianity as job qualifications for leading in God’s Kingdom.

The Companion Diocese Committee spoke about past companion visits and how food will always be a common dialogue amongst international Anglicans. They were also excited to announce that a small group from the Diocese of Amazonia is coming to Huron. Each deanery is being asked to consider hosting and “touring” the Brazilians through the sacred land they call home.

Feedback from Monday’s discussion on the Marriage Canon dominated the last day of this year’s gathering. The committee summarized the feedback, responded to some pieces, and invited the Bishop to give her reaction.

Bishop Linda began her response by asking the Church not to expect General Synod elected members to be able to represent all voices – it is impossible. Instead we elect them on the basis that we see these people as trusted, faithful individuals who will listen, pray, discern, and vote with the Spirit on their heart. In terms of the points of discouragement, she responded with understanding of the frustration but insisted on remaining true to the canonical process of the church. Bishop Linda assured those who were concerned about each Diocesan Bishop’s right to “say no even if the vote is yes” by stating that she, along with every other Bishop in the Anglican Church of Canada, takes their responsibility of their position with the utmost seriousness and attention to what is best for their Diocese. She concluded her plea with a reminder that Anglicans are historically and continually committed to sitting at the table with each other, even in the most difficult times.

Synod delegates heard from the Huron Hunger Fund, PWRDF, the College of Deacons, Congregational Coaches, Refugee Committee, and Monica Place – all reflecting upon the work they have been doing in the past year and their hopes and plans for the future. Synod was wrapped up early afternoon with the announcements of elections to Provincial and General Synod.