How to take part in a consultation on the proposed changes to the Marriage Canon?

The Diocese of Huron is in the midst of a consultation about the proposed changes to the Marriage Canon. The process began at Huron Synod 2017 and will end at Synod 2018.

At Synod 2017, members were introduced to the motion passed at General Synod 2016 to change the Marriage Canon. The proposed changes would allow for same-sex marriages to be performed by the Anglican Church of Canada.

Suggestions from Synod 2017 members helped to shape the diocesan consultation process.

Before that would happen, General Synod would need to have approved the changes a second time when it next meets in 2019. If passed, the changes will not come into effect until January 2020.

Also, each Diocesan bishop would choose whether or not to permit same-sex in his or her diocese  Finally, the current conscience clause in the Marriage Canon will continue. It protects clergy who decline to perform a marriage ceremony for any couple.

In the meantime each diocesan and provincial synod is required to hold a consultation process about the proposed changes.

Suggestions from Synod 2017 members helped to shape our diocesan consultation process.

There will be two gatherings in each deanery. Each gathering will begin with a video presentation to provide background information. A facilitator will guide conversation among the participants. A recorder will send a summary of participant questions, concerns, and feedback to the Marriage Canon Task Force. Participants at the gatherings may also submit individual written feedback to the task force.

We encourage you to take part in one of the gatherings to learn, listen, and add your voice to the consultation. Find a date and time – in your deanery or a neighbouring one – that works for you.

To help you think about the proposed changes ahead of time we created and assembled some resources. There are responses to frequently asked questions, scriptural and theological resources, and more. You can find these resources on the diocesan webpage at The dates and times for the deanery gatherings are at that webpage address too. You may also ask your rector to help you access the resources or the schedule for the deanery gatherings.

Following the deanery conversations, the Marriage Canon Task Force will report back to Synod 2018.

The Marriage Canon Task Force:

The Ven. Greg Jenkins

The Rev’d Dr. Stephen McClatchie

Canon Marilyn Malton