Things you may not know: 60 years of the Anglican Foundation

By Bishop Terry Dance

The Anglican Foundation, make that YOUR Anglican Foundation, has made an incredible impact on individuals, institutions, and parish communities from coast to coast to coast in our country.

While perhaps best known for helping parishes with roof replacements, elevator installations and kitchen makeovers, the ministry of the Anglican Foundation goes well beyond repair and renovation of church buildings.

Did you know that your Anglican Foundation provides funds to enable parents to fly with their children from remote locations to major centres when the child requires life changing or life saving surgery?

Did you know that the funds raised by the Hope Bear project provided pain medication for children at Canuck Place, a hospice for terminally ill children in the Vancouver area?

Did you know that your Foundation has supported the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission through funding for language and culture mentoring programs for First Nations Communities in British Columbia?

Did you know that your Foundation has supported outreach programs for the poor and marginalized in virtually every province and territory in our country? Food and hospitality programs, after school activities, music and artistic initiatives are meeting physical, educational and social needs in the lives of the most vulnerable. Your Anglican Foundation, through the generosity of Anglicans across our country and the National Church are not only restoring buildings, but restoring hope, restoring dignity, restoring lives and restoring communities.

Did you know that over the past ten years your Anglican Foundation, through grants to parishes, grants to our three colleges and bursaries for our theological students, has contributed over $300,000 to the life and ministry of the Diocese of Huron?

Did you know that in spite of the generous support shown to our diocese, only 23 individuals and 47 parishes in Huron financially support the work of the Anglican Foundation… make that YOUR Anglican Foundation? Why not consider making a minimum gift of $50 per parish and whatever feels right for individuals, to help your Foundation continue to touch lives and renew the fabric of the church.

Did you know that Diane Dance has taken on the role of diocesan liaison with your Foundation? Well, of course you didn’t…she was only appointed in June. But if you are looking for information about resource materials, the Hope Bear program, or anything else regarding the work of your Anglican Foundation, contact Diane at [email protected]

Did you know that by supporting your Anglican Foundation you can make a difference in parishes and in the lives of very really human beings from coast to coast to coast?

Well, now you do.

Bishop Terry Dance is a member of the Board of Directors of the Anglican Foundation