From conflict to communion

A congregation of several hundred, led by Lutheran, Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops, gathered on the Feast of the Ascension at the Roman-Catholic Basilica of Our Lady in Guelph, Ontario to share in an ecumenical prayer service commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

As a part of the ecumenical prayer service, Bishop Douglas Crosby (Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton), Bishop Linda Nicholls (Anglican Diocese of Huron), Bishop Michael Pryse (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Eastern Synod), and Bishop Michael Bird (Anglican Diocese of Niagara) shared in a statement of ecumenical commitment. As each of them made their statements a candle was lit, signifying the significance of the shared declaration to offer the light of shared witness to brighten the life of the wider community. Bishop Linda Nicholls preached at the evening service.

The service followed a Day of Renewal, organized by the Lutheran/Anglican/Roman Catholic Committee (LARC) and led by Dr. Catherine E. Clifford, a renowned specialist in the field of ecumenism based at St. Paul University, in Ottawa. Dr. Clifford reflected on the ebb and flow of ecumenical conversations over the decades and the challenges faced by church leadership in presenting a unified Christian voice.

The Diocese of Huron has been a part of the LARC since the committee’s inception in 1996.

Rev. Canon Christopher B. J. Pratt