Finding yourself in the Advent labyrinth: one of the ways of marking Nativity at St. George’s Church, London

st.georgelondon-webBy Nancy Dodman

One evening during Advent a large labyrinth is set out on the gym floor of the church.

It is made of stones, shells and about 300 candles. On it are several ‘stations’ or stops that cause the walker to pause and consider the people of the Nativity story, at the centre is the manger with a chair and kneeler.

The stations are interactive – with prayers, Bible readings and, of late, frankincense and myrrh.

In the evening, when the lights are out, the candles lit and the rest of the building empty, it is truly a peaceful place.

Many have used this space as a time of deep quiet to sit at the manger and contemplate the coming of Jesus in this world and in their lives.

Interestingly, not only have parishioners walked this labyrinth, but also people from groups who meet in the church (AA for instance) and others who have heard about it but are not regular church attenders.

It is not a stretch to say miracles have happened as a result of someone walking the labyrinth and acting on prayers used at the stations.

Nancy Dodman is a parishioner of St. George’s London.