Enveloping Synod 2016 in prayer… Responding in Love

Why is it that we tend as humans to take what is simple and often want to make it more complicated? Could it be that the simple just seems, well, too simple, and while we could all agree that some matters are and indeed can be very involved and dependent on many ever-moving variables, some matters are not.

I am struck by this sense of simplicity every time I read the passages in Scripture (Mark 12:30-31; Matthew 22:36-40) where inevitably the authorities of the day are trying to catch Jesus up in his own words; and as surely as night follows day, somehow he always manages to outwit them, so much so that in the end, no one is brave enough to keep asking him more questions (Mark 12:34b). In a culture and at a time where debating the many intricacies of the Law was something of a regular pastime, Jesus was approached to give his opinion as to which was the greatest of all the many commandments that existed. By way of response Jesus takes all the complexity and reduces it down to the simplicity of two laws, only two. We know them well. We are called to love God with our entire being: heart, soul, mind, strength and to love our neighbour as deeply and as broadly and as thoroughly as we love ourselves. Now here is where our minds begin to race and complexity begins to kick in for no sooner are these words uttered than we begin to think of reasons why this is more difficult than Jesus’ pronouncements would indicate, and granted, while these commandments are not easy, they are simple.

As we gather together in May for our 175th Synod of the Diocese of Huron, we will come together as family to hear about all that is happening in the different corners of the Diocese and beyond. As we hear from the different groups within Huron and beyond, we will be challenged to live lives firmly rooted in these two commandments, committing to loving God and to loving our neighbour in our daily actions and reactions.

While it is always our hope at the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Huron) to provide support and resources as needed, never is this truer than at Synod as we strive to envelop all that is done and said in prayer. We hope to do this in a number of ways in 2016.

We will continue our usual practice of providing materials for a Synod Prayer Vigil, to direct our prayers for all that will be considered and discussed during our time together. Prayer vigils material will be sent in April to all of the Rectors throughout Huron as well as to AFP Parish Reps. If you do not have a Parish Rep, or would simply like a copy of these materials, please visit: or let me know by e-mailing [email protected]

Also, at Synod this year we will again all be invited to participate in a “Synod Prayer Wall”, with regular opportunities being given to respond in prayer to what is being said, bringing together on the wall by Synod’s end, a collection of our deepest hopes and longings for this Diocese, our loved ones, and indeed our role as God’s hands and feet in the world around us.

As well at our Anglican Fellowship of Prayer table, you will be welcomed to have a look at our latest resources, and upcoming events in Huron. We do hope you will stop by for a visit.

Gracious God,
with hearts full of thankfulness,
remembering your goodness and faithfulness to us,
we gather together at this
the 175th Synod of Huron Diocese.

We ask for the gift of your Spirit,
to inspire and lead us,
as we gather to worship, prayer, study,
eat, listen, laugh, and learn.

We ask for eyes to see,
ears to hear
and a heart that says ‘yes’
to all that the Spirit is saying
to the churches in these days.

All this we ask
in the name of Jesus.

Rev. Val Kenyon is the Diocesan Representative for the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Huron)