EfM participants reflect – a journey of exploration

By Rev. Val Kenyon

At the moment we are very pleased to have four EfM groups in the Diocese of Huron.

Each of these groups has a dynamic of its own.  While each participant may have had their individual reasons for joining, they are in general looking to deepen their faith experience. At a recent visit to one of our groups, I was curious to know why they had decided to make this investment of their time and energies in EfM.

“I had always attended studies in my local parish, and had enjoyed them but as time went on and my personal circumstances changed, I found I was looking for something more, something a bit more in depth”, shared a first-year participant.

He went on to say that while the readings could be challenging at times, they could also be surprisingly uplifting.

The readings and then the group discussion that followed, encourage participants to engage with the complex questions of life in light of this new information, new considerations, new understandings. Each week this participant was amazed how the process of reflecting theologically could start in one place with one understanding, and by the end, have been able to transport him to somewhere quite unanticipated. Others described the theological reflection component of the time together as offering a delightful discovery, most especially because it was such a collaborative process, with everyone having something to offer and something to receive.

Others in the group spoke of how they had begun to see so much of Scripture in a new way, as they learned the context from which it was written. As they saw the story of faith unfolding both in Scripture and in the early history of Christianity, they experienced a renewed understanding and a fresh appreciation for divergent opinions and perspectives, often finding they would return all week long to topics raised and discussed.

For more information on EfM and how you might join this journey of exploration, please contact Libi Clifford, the Diocese of Huron EfM Coordinator or myself Val Kenyon at [email protected]

Rev. Val Kenyon is EfM Animator in Huron.