Education for Ministry helps us to become a people of mission

By Rev. Val Kenyon

So what exactly is Education for Ministry (EfM) and why should I care?

Over the next several months it is our hope to share different aspects of Education for Ministry (EfM) and how and where it is alive in the Diocese of Huron.

Education for Ministry (EfM) has been in Canada since 1977 and was introduced to our diocese several years ago. At its essence EfM fosters our ability to live out the first of the Anglican Communion’s Marks of Mission:  to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.

EfM helps us to become a people of mission, with mission-oriented lay leaders, offering us a way to investigate our call to ministry – whatever kind of lay or ordained ministry that may be.

EfM is meant to equip participants with the knowledge, background and vocabulary of Christianity to enable us to live our faith as well as to talk about our faith with others.

EfM invites people into small, mentored communities.  These groups are designed to help participants consider how their lives are shaped and guided by their Christian faith.

Central to how EfM works is the role played by Mentors, those who step forward to take on the task of leading local groups.  These are individuals who working with the purposes and approaches of EfM, bring their energies to framing questions, facilitating reflection, and planning and managing their time together.  They are open to growth and lifelong learning, have respect for human and theological differences, and are comfortable with ambiguity.

An important part of every weekly meeting is the time given for students to review all that has been said and considers and how it might affect the living out of their faith on a daily basis.

This can bring fresh awareness with the brightest ‘ah-ha’ moments often being birthed from the ordinary bringing energy and vitality to faith.  The timelessness of Scripture is experienced, and faith moves from the realm of theory into practice.

For more information on EfM and how you might become involved, please contact Libi Clifford, the Diocese of Huron EfM Coordinator or myself Val Kenyon at [email protected]

Rev. Val Kenyon is EfM Animator in Huron