Education for Ministry from the inside out: Reflections of an EfM mentor

As well as coordinating many of the aspects of EfM in Huron, Libi Clifford has been co-mentoring an EfM group for the last three years.  Having encountered and participated in an EfM group while living in British Columbia, Libi brings with her great enthusiasm and knowledge of the EfM experience.

In a recent conversation with Libi I asked her about her time as an EfM mentor and what it was about it, that stood out for her especially when facilitating a group.

As well as finding the role of mentor enriching and expansive to her own faith, Libi went on to say, it is the dynamics of the group process that is fascinating to watch, as everyone brings their own perspective to what they have read and understood.  This wondering together frequently creates something new, something as yet unexplored for many.  This opens a door for participants to broaden their faith and knowledge, giving practice in the integration of Scripture with daily life, all together bringing fresh moments of awareness, insight and realization.

While each group establishes the timing that works best for them, within each group there are moments for review of Scriptural and other readings, discussion and reflecting theologically, worship, fellowship and refreshments.

All of these are woven together to create an atmosphere where participants are encouraged to ask questions, express concerns, share experiences and understandings.  Working together the process unfolds and provides a vehicle where life and faith are connected and explored for each participant.

For more information on EfM and how you might become involved, please contact Libi Clifford, the Diocese of Huron EfM Coordinator or myself Val Kenyon at [email protected]

Rev. Val Kenyon is EfM Animator in Huron