Diocesan Ecumenical Officer

The Rev’d Stephen Berryman
Email: stephenberryman@diohuron.org

Jesus prayed for his disciples asking God that ‘they may be one, as we are one.’ (John 17: 22) 
The work of ecumenism is to promote better understanding and greater co-operation among different Christian traditions. It is an opportunity to celebrate that which we share and to learn from our differences. Ecumenism happens in many ways within the diocese of Huron.

A few examples are:         

  • Joint services among neighbouring churches of different denominations;         
  • Shared outreach ministries such as meal programs, Vacation Bible School, food banks and more;
  • Invitations to representatives of other traditions to address our annual Diocesan synod;
  • The work of the Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic Dialogue group (LARC);
  • Collegiality among bishops and other leaders of the various denominations that our diocese overlaps geographically

The role of the Diocesan Ecumenical Officer, The Rev’d Stephen Berryman, is to support the work of ecumenism throughout the Diocese of Huron. This is done, in part, by activities such as:

  • Being a member of LARC, which is a group made up of Lutherans, Anglicans and Roman Catholics from the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Anglicans from the Dioceses of Huron and Niagara, and Roman Catholics from the Diocese of Hamilton. LARC plans educational and worship events designed to bring together clergy and lay people from our various traditions;
  • Serving as a member of the Diocesan Doctrine and Worship committee;
  • Acting as liaison and host for representatives of other traditions who attend synod and other services or meetings of our diocese

The DEO seeks to remain informed on ecumenical matters throughout the wider church and to understand how wider ecumenical trends may affect our diocese and our parishes as we strive to work with other Christians in living out and sharing the good news of the gospel. If you are an individual or group that wishes to learn more about ecumenical principles and practices, or if you have news to share about ecumenical work you are involved with, please let the DEO know. The work of ecumenism is a work to which each of us is called.