Colton’s cookie sale for Fort McMurray

By Bonnie Bensette

The children and youth of The Parish of St. David and St. Mark donate their Sunday School yearly offerings to the Huron Hunger Fund and their cheque is taken to the Synod Service.

They have a “Loonie Tube”, a long thermometer-like tube into which they slide their offering each Sunday. When they hit certain markers on the thermometer they earn things like pizza parties and outings sponsored by the congregation.

This year Colton Suzor, who is in Kindergarten, suggested that they raise some more money for the Huron Hunger Fund by selling cookies. So on Mother’s Day the Sunday School held Colton’s Cookie Sale of homemade “kid and parent” baked cookies, raising additional funds. Their donation will be designated for Fort McMurray relief.

Photo, left to right: Chris Thibert, Harry Bensette, Nick Thibert and Colton Suzor.