College of Deacons Outreach at Synod 1016

“I needed clothes and you clothed me.”   Matt. 25:26         

It has been the College of Deacons’ practice to support an outreach project at Synod over the past few years.  This year we put out the call to the Huron Diocese for new and clean gently used blankets.  We were not disappointed.  Once again the people of Huron gave generously, we estimate that about 1000 blankets came to Synod.   They have been dispersed to various agencies throughout the diocese.  Project Linus an organization that operates in North America to provide new blankets to children in crisis received about half of the blankets.

The rest of the blankets went to: St. Monica House and Monica Place, an organization that empowers young women who are pregnant, parenting or choosing adoption to make informed and healthy choices for themselves and their children, Huron Church Camp, providing children and youth with a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment in which to encounter and celebrate the wonder and adventure of themselves and God’s creation, Downtown Mission Windsor, St. Paul’s Social Services London, and The Regeneration Centre, these provide shelter and nutrition for the poor, hungry, or homeless, Several Women’s shelters,  providing safe transitional living for women and their children in crisis, Several Nursing Homes, The Good Will Store, SPCA of London and a Veterinary Hospital.  We were also able to send about 50 new blankets to the evacuees of Fort McMurray.

Once again thank you to the diocese for your generosity.

Rev. Jane Piercy Ballard