Brantford school visits Woodland

By Patricia Mcmillan

St. Mark’s Anglican Church Sunday School children, teachers and families enjoyed a tour and craft-making session at the Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, on Saturday, June 4th.

This excursion is part of an ongoing awareness program in our Sunday School, of First Nations culture and traditions. The children and families participated in an hour-long treasure hunt as part of the museum tour, searching for Native artifacts from pictures discussed prior to the tour. Following the tour everyone played picture bingo to reinforce artifacts discovered.

A snack of delicious cornbread was served, while children listened to a story of a young native girl who was being sent from her family to a residential school; her Grandmother gave her a memory pouch for the child to fill with important reminders of her family life.

The children were delighted to make their own beaded memory pouches to help preserve their own family memories.