Bishop Todd’s Video Message for Lent 2021

Lent 2021 with Bishop Todd Townshend

Below is the information Bishop Todd refers to in his video message today. Please take a look!
Lent Series 2021 Vol 3
Dear Friends,
The Lent Series materials have been finalized. Pandemic travel restrictions were lifted in Israel and Palestine week before last and we were able to complete the filming of the final two videos for our Virtual Lenten Pilgrimage, A River Through The Desert.
All of the material you need for your personal study or for a group course is now complete and included below. We hope that this series proves to be fruitful and inspiring for you throughout Lent. We hope that this study gives you a glimpse of the spiritual riches of the Land of the Holy One.
In addition to these materials we will host two Live from Jerusalem webinars. Dates, times and links are below:
Wednesday, February 24 at 8pm USA EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST)   Webinar Link:
Wednesday, March 24 at 8pm USA EDT (7pm CDT, 6pm MDT, 5pm PDT)
Reminders will be sent out prior to the webinars.
We realize these times are not convenient for those outside North America. Both webinars will be recorded and a link will be mailed to everyone after the event so that you may enjoy it at a time more suitable for your time zone.
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In time it will be possible to begin international travel once again and we look forward to welcoming pilgrims back to the College for our study pilgrimages. To find out about these pilgrimages please go to our website where there is a good deal of information about our courses for 2021 and 2022.
We hope the College will be a busy crossroads for Christians from all over the world once again, before very long.
May you have a holy and blessed Lent.
The Very Revd Canon Richard Sewell
Dean of St George’s College
Series Introduction
I am delighted to be able to share with you this new resource for Lent which we hope will be a taste of the beauty, wonder and inspiration of the Holy Land. For those who have been, it should be a wonderful reminder of those times which undoubtedly will have left an indelible mark. For those who have not yet been able to make their pilgrimage, perhaps it might serve as a taste to inspire you to find a way to come to the Land of the Holy One. (READ MORE)
Week One – The Desert
Week Two – The Water Well
Week Three – The Mountain
Week Four – The Sea
Week Five – The Road
Week 6 – The Garden
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