Bishop Linda on New Zealand mosque attacks: We are siblings under God

The Right Reverend Linda Nicholls, Bishop of Huron, issued the following statement condemning the mosque attacks in New Zealand on Friday, March 15:

Bishop Linda NichollsDear friends in Christ,

Today another horrific tragedy has taken place in New Zealand with the killing of 49 people in two Mosques while people were at prayer. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow of Muslims not only in New Zealand but in every country where they live wondering if someone hates them enough to do the same. Today I sent this note to the Imam of the London Mosque:

Imam Amin Al-Ali,

Please let me extend the prayers of the Anglican Diocese of Huron for you and all who are horrified by the shootings in New Zealand today. The kind of hatred that can commit these acts is condemned by everyone seeking the common good for our communities. I cannot imagine the sorrow experienced not only in New Zealand but for all who live in fear of such acts anywhere in the world. We are committed to standing as neighbours with you in opposition to the hatred, bigotry, prejudice and violence that is at times expressed against your faith community here in Canada. You are welcome in our midst as we together build a just society for all God’s people.  

With much sorrow and with prayers for healing and peace,

 +Linda Nicholls

Please consider reaching out to Muslims around your parish and sharing a note of encouragement and prayer. We are siblings under God and neighbours in our communities together. Our voice must be one of welcome, compassion and solidarity.

In peace,