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A message from your President

As I write this, I am also preparing for the World Day of Prayer being hosted at our church.

As you know, on WDOP we focus on a country besieged with challenges. This year it is The Philippines, the programme for the day being written by the women of the Philippines to highlight their particular problems. The theme is “Am I Being Unfair to You?” It  deals with  children, overseas workers, indigenous people, farmers and labourers who are all seeking justice and fairness in their lives.

Because the harvest is all important to them, we are asked to distribute bags of rice to each participant.

I was looking for an appropriate piece of scripture to attach to each bag and I found this one: “God  is not unfair. He will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for Him in the help you gave and are still giving to your fellow Christians.” Hebrews 5:10-11)

Are we being FAIR to our fellow man? Are we willing to give of ourselves to the marginalized in our world?

As the scripture says, if we are fair to them, then God will be fair to us! To me, that seems like a very good deal FOR US! If we are giving and caring to those in need, God will deal fairly with us. I think this is what you call a win/win situation.

Use your talents and abilities to aid those who seek justice and long to be treated fairly. Even when we complain about things being unfair (taxes, relationships, government etc.), deep down we know how rich we are, maybe not monetarily but in our fortunate situations. Let’s make it our mission to spread that around.

Brenda Clingersmith

ACW ANNUAL MEETING: Saturday, April 29, Church of the Ascension (Dundas St. East), London


ESSEX DEANERY ANNUAL MEETING: Saturday, April 8, Church of the Epiphany, 96 Main Street, Kingsville


LAMBTON DEANERY SPRING MEETING: Thursday, April 6, St. John in the Wilderness Church, 2896 Old Lakeshore Road, Bright’s Grove. Catered lunch at $10 per person. Speaker for the day: Laurel Pattenden


DEANERY OF THE SAUGEENS SPRING MEETING: Thursday, May 18, St. John’s Church, 516 Mill Street, Port Elgin


61st anniversary of Epiphany, Kingsville A.C.W.

By Faye Viscount

ACW-epiphany-webOn February 22, 2017 thirty-eight women came together to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the Ethyl M. Blackwell A.C.W. at the Church of Epiphany in Kingsville, Ontario. The event was held in the parish hall in the form of a buffet dinner.

A brief history was told of the eleven young women who came together at the first meeting, drawing names out of a hat to fill their slate of officers. These women concerned themselves with sending bales to northern missions, visiting shut-ins and supporting other missionary needs within our deanery and beyond. Monies were raised in a variety of ways such as hosting rummage sales & catering banquets and weddings. Especially noteworthy, the annual Pancake Supper held in the old parish hall basement.

The present A.C.W. group continues to commit its fair share to assist the parish of Epiphany Development Fund. We are also able to donate to many charities in Essex County. Monies are still raised by hosting two rummage sales per year along with the annual pancake supper in our new parish hall and other events. Our biggest fund raiser is the making of meat and fruit pies which began in 1989.

Ladies of all different ages experience great fellowship and good fun while working together on all our worthy fund-raising activities….all in God’s name.

Pictured above is Mrs. Doreen Plancke on the left who is one of two “Charter Member‘s” still in our group with Mrs. Mildred Adams (member at large). Our second “Charter Member” Mrs. Pauline White was absent.