ACW annual gathering

The annual gathering of all women in our Diocese is occurring at our Cathedral on April 27, 2019. Let’s be clear, that is all women in our Diocese.  Not all women in our church are aware that they are very welcome to participate in this gathering.  We hope to encourage every one of you to attend.  It is always an inspiring and spiritual gathering.  It is a time to pray together, meet other like-minded women, discuss our challenges, learn something new, make new friends, be exposed to alternate points of view and quite possibly grow your faith.

We are honoured that our Bishop, The Right Reverend Linda C. Nicholls, will be our celebrant. She sets an extraordinary example for us.  Surely all of us can now see that women are valued in our Diocese and that we can aspire to any position to which we are called.

Yet, that is not to say that women are without challenges, even here. There are parishes in our Diocese which would not consider a women as a rector. But most of us have come to know how compelling women in their role as clergy can be, what wonderful preachers they can be, how great they can be at pastoral care and how clearly women, too, are called to ministry at all levels of our church.  Just like men.

We are delighted that The Right Reverend William G. Cliff, Bishop of the Diocese of Brandon, Manitoba, will be our Guest Speaker. Bishop Bill has spent most of his career in our Diocese and is well known to many of us.  He is now Chair of the Council of the North and we hope to hear his perspective on the challenges of that ministry.

Please accept this invitation to attend our annual gathering. Refreshments will be available as you arrive.  Lunch tickets can be purchased, for modest price, on our Registration Form.  Visit Cronyn Hall to see the displays of related ministries and invited vendors.  Take a guided tour of our historic Cathedral.  Walk the grounds.  Immerse yourself in your faith.  Make the time to be yourself with God.

We hope to see you there.

Best Wishes,

Bonnie G. Rees, President

ACW Diocesan Council