A light has been shining in the forest

By Rev. Hilton Gomes

Gratitude —that’s the word we from the Diocesan Companionship Committee want to express.

Gratitude to our Synod, where we had the opportunity to commission our first group of missionaries to Brazil.

Gratitude to all who contributed to our first diocesan collection toward our companionship with the Diocese of Amazonia.

Gratitude for having a second group getting ready to go in October to Belem to visit our companion diocese. Please keep this second group of missionaries in your thoughts and prayers.

There are many reasons we want to express gratitude to our living God for all great things that are happening this year.

For the past few months we have been praying, talking, listening to people, and answering questions as we try to understand where we are and where we want to go with this companionship, which we believe is an inspiration from God.

Thanks be to God for your openness. With your prayers and support we are able to make this dream a reality.

In Brazil people use the word “companheiro”. It means a person who walks with you, who will not leave you alone and will never forget you.

Today we can say loudly that we from Huron and the people from Brazil are becoming day by day more “companheiros”.

As Amazonia Bishop Saulo Mauricio de Barros said in one of his talks: “We belong to a family bigger than our parish or diocese. We are bigger than what we think or imagine. We can do so much more when we are together, work together, eat together . . . This companionship is just the beginning of something bigger than we thought. People are having their lives transformed, their faith deepened.”

Each time we contact the Diocese of Amazonia, there is an explosion of ideas and dreams. When we dream together, it comes to life.

Huron Diocesan Companion Committee is open to going to your parish or deanery to share the Good News with your people. Please, contact us.

During your deanery council meeting, you can invite our Committee to come to speak. We will do whatever we can to attend your meeting and share with your deanery what is happening and how your deanery can get involved.

On Oct. 8, we are going to the Deanery of Lambton for the fall deanery meeting of Anglican Church Women to share what is happening and how we can continue to support our companionship. Some of our missionaries who went to Brazil in August will be there with us for this meeting. (See ACW Lambton Deanery Fall Meeting for details.)

For all this, we want to express our gratitude because more and more we have people joining us to dream together.

A light is shining and her brightness is contagious. So together let us share the light.

Rev. Hilton Gomes is a member of the Diocesan Companion Committee.

About the image

The photograph in the column for the Diocesan Companion Committee is an acai palm, which is used to make many different kinds of healthy food and drinks. Its leaves shine in the flow of a “light ­in the forest”.