A change of editors


Messages from the outgoing and incoming editors
of Huron Church News


Much has changed since 2014

by Sandra Coulson

Sandra Coulson, Editor

Sandra Coulson, Editor

It’s time for me to say goodbye.

With the Diocese of Huron having hired Davor Milicevic as its communications officer, I’ll be turning over the editorship of Huron Church News to him as of the April edition.

I have had a great time serving as editor since the summer of 2014.

I’ve had fun giving the paper a refreshed look with more visuals and a flow to the layout.

It’s been a joy to find and commission feature stories of people and parishes doing wonderful works of faith.

There have been changes to many of the columnists, bringing readers an interesting new mix of voices.

Having an updated presence on the web at was a lot of work but is an important step for the public’s view of our diocese.

And I’m very pleased that Deidre DiNino has come on board to take over advertising sales. It was awkward to have the editor of the paper do that too, so this is excellent. And the results are starting to show.

Of course, it was exciting to have Huron Church News win the award as the best overall newspaper at the Anglican Editors Association conference in June. But even better for me was hearing Huronites tell me they’re reading the paper again.

Yes, I know the world is transitioning to digital communications, but all this goes to prove that, with interesting content and an attractive look, there’s life in the old media yet.

Thank you to Bishop Bob Bennett as publisher, Rev. Canon Rob Towler (chair) and the other members of the Huron Church News board of trustees, and Canon Paul Rathbone for being positive and supportive of the changes I’ve made.

As well, the staff of Huron Church House has been helpful in a myriad ways. I’d have been lost without them — and most particularly Sarah Doucette, the staff support person for Huron Church News.

Davor and I have had multiple meetings as we make this transition. He has a good eye for the possibilities of this newspaper as well as the full spectrum of communications. So don’t be shy about letting him know what’s newsworthy in your parish.


Still power in printed word

by Davor Milicevic

Davor Milicevic, editor

Davor Milicevic, editor

There is something special in holding a copy of a recently delivered newspaper and reading it, say, on a quiet Sunday morning.

It brings a rare moment of peace to our hectic schedules, a time for a short self-­reflection — just to notice that there is a world around us and to see where we have come from and where we could go next. It’s not completely unlike the moment God rests for a second after six busy days, enough to observe and conclude that everything he had made “was very good”.

I enter my editorial post believing that letters printed on paper still have power to remind us that our entire world has been spoken into existence. Maybe because we cannot simply scroll over those letters, we have to stop and wonder at least for a while.

This is why I believe that newspaper still has its rightful place among all other forms of print.

It is comforting to know that my predecessor Sandra Coulson has successfully put this same belief into service as an editor of the Huron Church News. As a highly devoted and competent professional, she created not only an excellent newspaper but also a climate of respect toward the printed word visible in an outstanding network of contributors.

It is reassuring to know that Sandra will remain a part of this Huron family.

The only other obvious thing I bring to the Huron Church News is a name not easy to pronounce. But being an apparent outsider may become an advantage: a look from the outside can discover something that an eye used to its surrounding cannot see clearly anymore. Or in the case of editing a newspaper, a new perspective may detect an interesting story among things that seem ordinary to an insider.

Hoping that this enthusiasm for new stories is something we have in common, I invite you to share them with us as a way to capture and preserve in printed words the changing face of Huron.


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